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Monday, 23 October 2017

Sufism the Antidote of the Islamic Nation and its Victorious Language, by the Will of Allah

(Abdelhameed Babiker) - The Burahniya Sufi Way holds celebrations in Khartoum of the memorial of its two dignified leaders

, Elshiekh Mohamed Osman Abdo Elburhani and his late successor Elshiekh Ibrahim occurring between the 26th of March to the 6th of April 2017. A gathering which comprises many members of the Sufi way coming from most parts of the world; and a significant gathering from all Sudan areas. It, then, my great pleasure to address the readers of the Sudanese smart newspaper (Sudan Vision) on this occasion by making two writings, this and one to follow later on the 6th of April, the main day of the celebrations.

We here would like to state that, the Islamic Sufism (equivalent in English to the word: Mysticism), and those who are knowledgeable it, called Sufi’s; but the name most adopted by them is the “The PEOPLE OF ALLAH (God)”, which means “The People of Engagement with Allah”. Such notion was given by Elshiekh Mohamed Osman Abdo Elburhani, Shiekh (Leader) of the Tariqa Burhaniya Dsouqiya Shazuliya to “Akhir Saa” an Egyptian famous magazine within an interview with him in 1975. Thus Sufism is that part of the religion that cares about upgrading the Muslim from physical acts of Islam to Heart work an stage in Islam religion called “Iman” meaning Believing and further upgrades him/her to Soul Work in an stage called “Ihsan” meaning Perfection. So, in reality a perfect Muslim has to pass three stages: Islam (Body Acts), Iman (Heart Acts) and Ihsan (Soul Acts). This means a Muslim can make closer relation with Allah the Greatest, by adding Heart and Soul Acts to his activity, this means by following a Sufi way.
In other words it is said that the three stages of Islam, Iman and Ihsan are identical to describing knowledge in three stages. That is: sure knowledge (Ilmu-l-yageen), sure vision (Ainu-l-yageen) and sure truth (Haggu-l-yageen). As an example: we consider that whenever there is smoke there is fire underneath. This is sure knowledge. If we come close and have vision of the fire by our eyes, this is sure vision; and if we come to utilize the fire and make it part of our life, this sure truth. Similarly our relation with Allah (God) raises from mere knowledge and belief to seeing by the eye of our heat that relation up to having our soul really moving in the whole vicinity of Allah, described in a quotaion (Hadith) of the Prophet (P.P.B.U.H.) as: you worship Allah as if you see Him and if you do not see Him, he sees you, the so-called Perfection (Ihsan), the highest grades of the Islamic religion and where the Sufism takes its practicing people. Such development from Islam to Ihsan stages needs to follow an expert, who has gone all the way to Allah and returned to take people on the same way or path. One who has practiced all Islamic laws (Sharia) and made it part of his behavior and has worshipped Allah with devout, such that Allah has given him the knowledge of what he was not used to know. Such an expert, called the Sheikh, has practiced soul upgrading through the most beautiful names of Allah (99 most beautiful names of Allah) till he reached the name of Allah called Arrahman (the Beneficent), just one step before the great name (Allah) itself. The Beneficent name is where the Quran in its original deep understanding is hidden. That why in the Quran, Allah says: (Who created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six Days, then He mounted the Throne. The Beneficent! Ask anyone informed concerning Him!) Verse number 59, Al-Furgan (Quran translation).
Sufism, so persistent through the ages, the same persistence of the Islamic message. Thus, Sufism is there for those who want to purify their souls by following the Sufi Shiekhs. Such meaning has been stated in poetry verse by one of the old Sufi Shiekhs in Sudan called Elshiekh Eltoam wad Bannaga, who said:
No era had ever been vacant of them being there *** Goodness is for that who relates to them or visits them

لَم يَخلُو قَطُّ زَمَانٌ مِنهُمُ يَا ذَا النُهَي *** طُوبَي لِمُنتَسِبٍ لًهُم أو زَائرِ

While, we witness, now a days, the heavy attacks on Islam from its enemies, helped in that by the imprudence of some of the Islam followers and their shallowness in understanding the scriptures and their aims, here protrudes Sufism from a Holy God’s eternal care, to stand as an impediment in front of the slipping of the Muslim nation young people in the clutches of extremism and deviation from ethics by virtue of the current time temptations which have come in touch with the fingers, so that no one can escape except by the adherence to the “Rope of Allah”, that is the Quran teachings and qualified leadership. That is where Sufism introduces itself as a solution to all the World’s problems and as a preventer to societies’ and families’ falling apart as well as preventer to atheism and spiritual vacuum.
So, many Sufi sects has emerged to play the role of spreading the peaceful Islam message in the world. In that the Tariqa Burhaniya Dosiuqia Shazulia has taken the highest participation. The Burhaniya was founded seven hundred years ago by the Sufi Pole, Elshiekh Ibrafim Eldsouqi, a decedent of the Prophet Mohamed (P.P.B.U.H.) and his shrine is located in Dsouq town in the Western Province of Egypt. It is to Elshiekh Mohamed Osman Abdo Elburhani who lived in Sudan between 1902 and 1983 goes the honour of spreading the Tariqa (Way) Burhaniya in this era. Elshiekh Mohamed Osman has first started spreading the Tariqa in Sudan, then Egypt. From Khartoum the Capital of Sudan where the World Center of Tariqa Burhaniya Dosiuqia Shazulia exists have the successor leaders of Elshiekh Mohamed Osman, his elder son Elshiekh Ibrahim (1938 – 2003) then the current leader his grandson Elshiekh Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Osman Abdo Elburhani has taken the role of spreading the Burhaniya all around the world.
In fact the seeds of spreading the Burhaniya Tariqa goes back to the time of first leader, Elshiekh Mohamed Osman, himself, where in the 1970’s many has entered Islam and Tariqa from France, Italy and the USA followed the entrance in Islam by German people staring in the 1980’s the first initials of them has met in Khartoum with Elshiekh Mohamed Osman and learned Islam from him in 1980. Then massive entrance of German people followed in Tariqa and Islam. Now most of Western cities has followers of the Tariqa who are connected with the Shiekh (leader) in Khartoum. Such role comes out only from the light and the blessing the Tariqa Shiekhs got. In the context Elshiekh Mohamed Osman expresses the scene in lovely poetry verses, saying:

I had toured the lands of Allah, East and West *** and, had sowed my wheat
in the places of the non-Arabs
I entered hearts which did not see Allah as a creator *** and they became by the grace of Allah a part of those in my Unity

وَجُبْتُ بِلاَدَ اللَّهِ شَرْقاً وَمَغْرِباً *** بَذَرْتُ بِأَقْطَارِ الأَعَاجِمِ حِنْطَتِي

دَخَلْتُ قُلُوباً لَمْ تَرَ اللَّهَ خَالِقاً *** فَصَارَتْ بِفَضْلِ اللَّهِ مِنْ أَهْلِ وَحْدَتِي

At the end we hope all the efforts will be towards unifying the hearts of the World people and coming together by Love of the Creator and love of each other. That will bring light, peace and blessing to our world.
This is also an open invitation to everyone reading this essay to attend the final celebration on the evening of next Thursday the 6th of April 2017 and to witness the Parade (Zafa) that crosses the Hurriya Street to the Tariqa center near Elsouq Elshaabi in Khartoum.
**** Best regards to all ****