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Monday, 23 October 2017

Shroud Piece of Cloth Dating Back to Second Century AD Handed Over

Khartoum - The Head of antiquities mission Dr. Claude Riley has disclosed the return of shroud cloth found by the mission in the year 2001 at Sadinga site from France to its homeland the Sudan after it has departed Sudan for a number of years of complicated and costly procedures
Dr.. Claude Riley has noted the press conference he held yesterday in Khartoum that the work is not a simple matter and ii was successful only by many aspects of cooperation
He said Sadinga mission has undertaken the reconstruction at the labs of Materia Viva in the French city of Toulous  which has conducted a spectacular work on over one hundred small parts while the Qatari-Sudanese antiquities project has undertaken  to pay the packing and transport sum in the framework of its project at Sadinga  site  while the team of the French Unit at the Sudanese  Public Authority of Antiquities and Museums has accomplished a considerable work in this complicated file.
Meanwhile the Embassy of the Republic of France to Khartoum has contributed in facilitating transportation while the French Arkinom company has conducted the photo scanning for the three parts for free and with high quality while AGS Company has secured transportation of the work up to Khartoum city
I would like to express thanks for all those who contributed and thanks to them Sudan National Museum now owns a unique peace of its kind.