Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Future International Schools Students Got Talent

(Jihan Mohammed Haj Ahmed) On Sunday 2nd July, 2017 the bell of Future International Schools rang announcing the school’s year kick-off for eighth form pupils to be followed in the upcoming days by the rest of the forms according to the determined date of English schools.
It was a happy day where the staff of the school recalled its annual ceremony which was organized late March under the slogan: Future Got Talent.
That ceremony reflected the talents of the pupils in painting and sculpture along with handcrafts. The accompanying exhibition included display of the Nigerian folklore as the school has a considerable number of Nigerian community students.
The programme started with the national anthem followed by the Future International Schools anthem.
The academic director of the schools, Mrs. Nour Al-Baqeia addressed the ceremony paying tribute to late Mr. Mustafa Ibrahim, who was one of the founders of the school. She reviewed last year’s plan and the future plans of the school on top of which is the opening the secondary section along with providing a complete library and virtual laboratory.
The Administrative Director of the school, Mrs. Jihan Mohammed Haj Ahmed also addressed the ceremony subjecting the success of the school year to the staff and workers who were working as a team. She valued high the cooperation of the parents and their keenness to assist the school administration. She pointed out that they represent an important factor in the education system and strong push to the efforts of the school administration, calling for more cooperation for the benefit of their sons and daughters.
The ceremony included an impressive and interesting fashion show which reflected the national dress of each of Nigeria, South Sudan, Pakistan, China, and the USA, as the students appeared with the national dresses while they were singing the national anthem of their states along with the basic information about their countries.
Some of the female staff were honoured on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.
Samples of karate sports were displayed to show the art of defence and fighting a matter that reflected the advanced training the students had got.
The ceremony also included a paragraph on healthy food.
It was a festive Carnival which reflected the role of the school in developing the talents of the students and their talents.
The carnival was attended by big number of parents and pupils a matter that gives a good omen for a stable and distinguished school year.