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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Arab Forum for Standardization and Consumer Protection

(Khalda Elyas) - Arab forum for standardization and consumer protection that held in the period from 16th -17th October 2017

, concluded its sessions and issued its recommendations.
First Vice President, prime Minister of the National Council of Ministers, Bakri Hassan Salih addressed the formed assuring the government ‘commitment with implementing the measures and standards and consumer protection as part of strategic plans to commit and implement laws and legislations set by the government .He pointed to the establishment of measures and standards corporation followed to the council of Ministers.
FVP , Bakri declared also  the commitment with the recommendations of the forum which held for the first time in Sudan , expressing warmed welcoming with the participants guests and those who are taking part in all Arab occasion organized in Khartoum ,he explained that Khartoum is hosted 6 Arab events and conferences during this year.
Bakri described Arab Forum for standardization as unique enhancing the culture of consumer protection in the Arab States, and deserving the scattered between wars and disputes looking for better life .He added that the lifting of the economic embargo came as a result of great efforts exerted Sudan Sudan to join the World Trade Organization WTO.He appreciated the role of Arab League in lifting of economic sanctions.
Jastin McMullen, head of the Middle East ‘office, manager of Supporting and a at the   Consumer International Societies explained that despite the differences among the Consumers international Societies all the world, they have one aim that is to protect and enhance the consumer rights pointed to that  the basic rights are important and essential at different circumstances and which are recognized by the UN .Jastin added that the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs that are approved by the UN in 2015, have strong relation with the consumers that assured  that consumer protection will play a  role in SDGs. He stressed on that supporting of consumer requires legislations, charters, which is the considered the responsibility of the government, business sector and the Civil society.
Dr, Yousef alSaabawe from the Arab League presented a working paper on the importance of the consumer protection discussing the management of Arab Integration and the role of Arab League in developing the joint Arab work, and the efforts of the Arab league in realizing Arab economic Integration. These efforts exerted in the context of competitive topics which lead to coordination and harmony of policies and legislations that aiming to establish a joint Arab Market .He added that an Arab team work was formed for consumer protection  concerning legislative frame work , training ,capacity building , studies and researches , guidance , technical aspects and international cooperation .
Dr. Nasr alDin Shulgami , head of the Sudanese Society for Consumer protection SSCP noted that it the first time that the Arab League concerns with the consumer issues , added that the forum supports and enhance   the role of consumer societies to organize the consumer affairs and to link it with the governmental and regional  bodies , the Arab League ,the Arab Organization for Industrial and Mining  Development , the Arab and international Unions for Consumer protection .
Dr. Yasir Mergani , the Secretary General of the SSCP explained  in his paper presented in the forum that the SSCP was framed according to economic liberation decisions and policies in  February 1992 that witnessed the high jump of commodities  and services among the consumers . He pointed to that the SSCP aiming to protect the consumer from himself and others, through forming data base assist in setting policies and strategies and future programs to protect the consumer.
Dr.Omer Abd Allah Ibrahim from the Sudanese Standards and Measures organization SSMO tackled in his paper the components of the infrastructure of quality and its impact on development and economy. He noted to the challenges and requirements facing the Arab countries, he tackled in his paper the historical developments, till the forming of its basic pillars that become importance for economic development.
The forum called for involving the National standardization bodies in making economic decisions in Sudan. At the same time standardizations experts recommended to the participation of all who have benefits of forming measures in order to from a measure to serve the people as well as the state