Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Tourism Industry in Sudan: The contribution of Tourism to the national revenue in 2016 totaled US$ 1.5 billion

Tourism industry is a modern term that means investing in this vital field to create a conducive atmosphere of culture, historical sites

, folklore, traditions, heritage, wildlife and the beautiful landscapes besides marine tourism.
Many countries depend on tourism as a main source of funding budgets; it pumps income and generates foreign exchange. The Ministry of Tourism in Sudan has modernized the vision of tourism and drawn a new method to activate tourism investment. The contribution of Tourism to the national revenue in 2016 totaled US$ 1.5 billion according to the ministry reports. 
Sudan has restored its membership in the UN World Tourism Organization after 25 years “We managed to restore back our membership which we had lost because of subscription fees” said the Minister of Tourism Mohamed Abu Zaid Mustafa last month.
This move availed chance to get benefits, Sudan began to exchange ideas with member states and to sign memorandum of understanding with the organization to train Sudanese cadres. Also Sudan has signed an agreement on combating poverty with a tourism organization based in South Korea.
The agreement enables Sudan to encourage domestic and handcrafts’ industries besides creating job opportunities.
“For the first time since 2010 Sudan has participated in international exhibitions in London, Spain, Beijing, Turkey, Japan, Moscow and United Arab Emirates,” the minister said, pointing out to promotion of tourism ties with 3231 Chinese Agencies working in tourism field.
But the most important achievement is the registration of both Senjaneeb and Dinganab Islands in the Red Sea as global heritage.
The challenge facing tourism is lack of infrastructure, the minister said, urging giving more concern and support to tourism for its important contribution to the public treasury and boosting overall business in the country.