Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Al-Karouri: Gold Export Revenues in 2016 Amounted to US$ 1,156,000,000.

Minerals play a crucial role in supporting public treasury and generate revenue to improve the economic situation, the conventional mining

is one of the main pillars that contribute to upgrade individual income, and it is a tool used to curb poverty.
The Minister of Minerals Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq Al-Karouri has recently released significant information on the mining activity in the country, he has briefed on the volume of exported gold and explained the conventional mining distribution throughout the country alongside the contribution of his ministry to increase budget revenue.
This came when the minister spoke to the media in the regular forum of the Ministry of Information. His speech is the first in 2017, the year of production and productivity, as declared by the President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir.
“The gold export volume in 2016 was US$ 1,156,000,000,” said Minister Karouri, pointing out that Sudan gold production last year totaled 80.3 tons with a growth rate of 53%, constituting 37.7% of the total exports.
The policy of the Ministry of Minerals focuses on promoting conventional mining, through use of modern equipment and machines to explore gold. The traditional mining has improved the conditions of thousands of Sudanese citizens. The Minister said “they are exerting efforts to legalize and to organize the conventional mining which spreads throughout 12 states, 44 localities, 65 markets, 221 locations and 43890 wells” continued the minister who urged for coordination between the federal and state governments to control the movement of gold trade. The conventional mining revenues totaled to SDGs 923.4 million.