Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

27.7 Tons of Gold during the First Quarter

Khartoum- The production of gold for the first quarter of the year 2017 was 27.7 tons, which transcended the targeted amount 25 tons. The Minister of Minerals Hashim Ali Salem said
In reviewing the performance of his ministry for the year 2016 and the performance of the plan in the first quarter of the current year, the minister pointed to the fulfillment of more than 100% of the revenues planned by the Ministry of Finance, revealing the signing of 13 concession agreements to explore gold and other minerals, in addition to granting 88 general licenses for gold exploration and 21 Absolute License for Metal exploration.
With respect to the increase in production and productivity of gold, Salem said that the production of companies reached 4.2 tons and conventional mining reached 23.5 tons during the first quarter of this year, pointing out that the revenues of the Public Geological Research Corporation and the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company reached 425.8 million pounds and Ariab Company 401 kg and Sudamine 120 kg.
The minister stressed that his ministry plan was to increase production of all minerals, especially gold, to 100 tons and to engage into large investments with the international companies from China, Russia, America, Canada and Australia, in addition to the Arab countries, pointing to diversification of investment in all minerals and opening the application for investment in Rare metals and realization of the added value of metals by manufacturing them instead of exporting them, in cooperation with the relevant parties.