Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

N. Kordofan Exports 53,770 Tons of Crops to International and Regional markets

Khartoum - The Director of the Sudanese Standardization Corporation, Kordufan Sector

, Al-Tijani Al Nuaima Abdul-A'al said that about 53 thousand and 770 tons of different crops had been directly exported from North Kordofan State to various international and Arabic markets during the period from January to July of this year.
He said that the exported crops included hibiscus, peanuts and sesame seeds, indicating that 472 certificates were issued for these crops which were exported to Germany, Mexico, North America, Brazil and China along with the Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the UAE and Syria.
He pointed out that there is a strong demand for the direct exports from the state, referring that to the entry of new companies working in the field of trade in crops beside the preferential advantages, and the quality of these crops and its reputation in those markets, noting to 784 thousand tons of various crops were transported to different parts of the country.