Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Refugees Commission: Lifting of Sanctions will Allow Donors Fulfill their Obligations

Khartoum – (smc) Refugees Commission has affirmed that the lifting of US sanctions on Sudan will contribute in resolving the problems facing the refugees especially in terms of financial transactions through the international banks besides the access of foreign relief agencies to Sudan.
Deputy Commissioner stated to (smc) in the workshop organized by the commission that the donors will fulfil their obligations after they were banned due to the sanctions, pointing out that there are international aid agencies which will enter the country to support the refugees.
For his part, Economist and lecturer in the University of Khartoum, Dr. Abdul Hamid said during the workshop that the production will double in case of the entrance of the US companies in oil sector, calling for setting the appropriate mechanism to make the lifting of sanctions a reality, adding that the lifting of sanctions will ease the banking transactions with Sudan which were limited due to the embargo.