Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Kassala: Joint patrols on the Borders to Prevent Illegal Migration

Kassala – (smc) Government of Kassala has affirmed its commitment to prevent smuggling and human trafficking, revealing a plan that includes several axes in this regard.
Kassla State Police Authorities Director, Maj. Gen. Yahia El-Hadi stated to (smc) that the plan includes security, preventive, and joint patrols of the regular forces on the borders, besides legal axes that include activation Anti-Human Trafficking Act (2010) and the formation of specialized court and awareness campaigns for the chieftains of the area.
Al-Hadi pointed out to the foreign support provided is below the requirements, affirming that their efforts resulted to arresting big number of human traffickers and smugglers.
He reiterated the continuation of their operation, revealing security coordination between the security and other regular forces besides field combing.