Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Nuba Mountains Leading Figures Accuse Al-Hilu in Dividing the Area Tribally

Kharoum – (Exclusive SMC) Leading figures in Nuba Mountains accused rebel Abdul Aziz Adam Al-Hilu as attempting to divide the area tribally, describing the attempt as dangerous for the future of Nuba Mountains.
Leading figure, Kuku Momi Tarkash said, in an essay of which (smc) has got a copy, that Al-Hilu is allying with three tribes and marginalizing the rest of Nuba inhabitants on the basis of  their loyalty to him, accusing Al-Hilu of dividing the SPLM-N in the Blue Nile, adding that Al-Hilu in the SPLM-N extraordinary conference selected 20 of his allies as representatives in the Diaspora besides the representation of 122 representatives from Nuba Mountains from those who support his trends, besides working to expel the intellects and educated figures.
Kuku concluded that Al-Hilu assigned the leaders of the three tribes to chair the sub-committees of the conference while marginalizing the prominent leaders in the SPLM-N along with arresting several officers.