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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

SRF Leaders Exchange Accusation in Paris Forum

Khartoum - (Exclusive – smc) The leaders of the so-called Sudan Revolutionary Front Alliance held a forum in Paris exchanged accusations and insulations to the extent of expelling journalist Abeer Al-Mujamar from the hall after her interaction in which she accused the leaderships of the alliance as hypocrites and dictators.
According to activists who attended the forum journalist Abeer threatened while addressing the forum from the podium to write an essay on the internet on the meager situations of the opposition and its leaderships who are residing in Paris, while foreign affairs officials of Darfur Movements alliance, Mohammed Yagoub slammed Minni Arko Minnawi describing him as retardant.
The forum was attended by Jibril Ibrahim, Minni Minnawi and Al-Toum Haju.
Activists told (smc) that the repeated talk of the SRF leaders on toppling the regime and belittling the lifting of US sanctions on Sudan resulted to the discontent of the audience.