Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Darfur Leaders : US Warning on Travel Contradicts the reality

Khartoum – (SMC) Darfurian leading figures have criticized the US Administration warning to its national from travelling to several places in Sudan including Darfur, affirming that Darfur states are stabled and that was evidenced by the gradual exit of UNAMID.
JEM leaders, brigadier Bakheet Abdul Kareem Dabaju stated to (smc) that Darfur is stable and there are no military operations or terrorism groups as Washington said, pointing out that he is now touring Darfur states, affirming that there are no conflicts.
Meanwhile, Liberation and Justice Party spokesperson, Ahmed Fadul said that Washington warning are contradicting the reality and the easing of the relations between Sudan and the US Administration, pointing to the testimony of the US on the stability of Darfur and the gradual exit of the UNAMID.