Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

National Health Insurance Fund Emphasizes the Common Role of Government, Society and Citizen and its Integration to Improve Medical Services

Director General of the National Health Insurance Fund,Dr Telal Al Fadel  stressed during  addressing   the opening session of the workshop( the role of Administrative Officers in Achieving the Comperhensive  Coverage in Northern Kordofan State ),  yesterday, on the joint role of government, society and the citizen and its integration leading to improved services Medical pointing out interventions to ensure the joining of  the population  under umbrella  of health insurance . "we look forward to a significant role for the administrative officer in preaching insurance, as well as reflecting the concerns of the citizen as the closest to the citizens to improve the service" he said .

 the State Governer  of Northern Kordofan, Osama Abu al-Bashar, said the state health insurance coverage rate was 62 percent expected to supplement the remaining 39% before 2020, pointing to the interaction with the employers ' union to ensure the inclusion of all its employees as well as understandings with the Central bank branch to legislate To link access to the insurance card and financial transactions.

Stressing that all the means of services should be provided to ensure universal  health coverage with the need for concerted efforts.