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Monday, 23 October 2017

$20 Billion Minerals Value in the Sudanese-Saudi Atlantis II Project: Al-Karouri

Khartoum - The joint permanent Sudanese-Saudi committee for utilizing the mineral wealth in the Red Sea, known as Atlantis II project,

commences the works of its 12th session on Tuesday in the Saudi town of Jeddah.
Minister of Minerals Dr. Ahmed Al-Karouri leaves Khartoum on a visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Monday heading a high-level delegation from his ministry at the invitation of the Saudi Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Wealth Khalid bin Abdelaziz Al Falih to attend the meeting.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Karouri said in a press statement that the meeting would discuss Atlantis II project, which is a joint venture between Sudan and Saudi Arabia which aims at utilization of the natural resources in the joint area in the Red Sea.
The minister pointed out that the joint permanent committee, which is the mechanism agreed upon by the two countries to give licenses and undertake the technical and financial following up, holds its sessions regularly every six months alternately in Khartoum and Jeddah. The last session of the committee was convened in Khartoum last May.
The minister stressed that the Atlantis II project will realize great benefits for the two countries, pointing out that the value of these resources amounts to 20 billion dollars.
The Sudanese Geological Research Authority said the joint area between Sudan and Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea is endowed with huge mineral resources, including about 47 tons of gold, two million tons of zinc, 500,000 tons of copper, manganese 3,000 tons and sliver 3,000 tons besides great quantities of rare minerals.
Director of the Geological Research Authority Mohamed Abu Fatima said in a press statement that the Saudi Manafie Company is the company that has the concession to extract these mineral resources.