Current Date:

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Archeological Studio to Collect Weather Information

Khartoum - The Minister of Environment Natural Resources and Physical Development said environment is an option that is not subject to acceptance or rejection due to environment importance in the life and future of Man.
He called for availing an integrated system of serious environmental work for raising and enhancing environmental awareness, highlighting the importance of media for the success and protection of environment via disseminating awareness and educating people in this regards stressing specialization in this field to deliver the message in this regards in a professional manner along with educating people and influence message recipients.
Hilal stressed while addressing a workshop on importance of media in archeological work, the need for a clear role to be undertaken by media in the field of environment for protecting them in addition to conducting researches to look into transgressions that occur in this field particularly issues of pollution and environmental negligence.
For his part the General Manager of the Public Authority of Archeology has disclosed that a studio has been established at the Authority whose task is presenting first hand weather related information to the citizens in general and to the farmers in particular with a partnership with all media organs.
He added that archeological information is indispensible at present due to its economic value calling for establishing a partnership based on trust with all the relevant agencies so that we can be able to provide weather information which all can benefit from them in different spheres.