Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

British Ambassador: “Sudan Is Secure”

Khartoum - Security and stability are remarkably improving in Sudan, the British Ambassador to Sudan Aron Michael has affirmed

The British Ambassador to Sudan Aron Michael said security conditions and stability were notably improving across the country.
Following his visit to the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife, the ambassador to told reporters that Sudan is getting more secure and stable. He invited European tourist, especially British tourist to visit the country under the present stability and security Sudan is seeing.
The Minister of Tourism Mohamed Abu Zaid said that his meeting with the British Ambassador in Khartoum discussed arrangements for A British week scheduled to take place at the National Museum in Khartoum, adding that the event aims to promote cooperation between Sudan and Britain in investment in   tourism industry and ways of development in this sector.
The Minister added that the meeting also tackled other topics related to protecting the wildlife, resumption of participation by Sudanese private sector in the British Exhibition, which has stopped over the past ten years.
In his statements, H.E. Michael highlighted tourist attractions and natural rich in eastern and northern regions of Sudan, to which the ambassador invited British tourist to come and enjoy, especially tourist tours to the Red Sea, Pyramids in the north, etc.
 He added that Sudan has one of the most fabulous and richest tourism resource in Africa the Arab world.  
The ambassador said that the British week, scheduled for 1st of next December, would provide the opportunity to meet Sudanese youth, in addition to kids shows to bring about popular cultures between the two countries. 
Michael noted that the event would also include display of plays by great English playwright such as Shakespeare, in addition excavations by British archeologist in the regions of Bejrawia, Abri and Dongula. 
He hoped for better relations between Sudan and Arab countries, besides negotiations with the US to yields fruits at the end of the year, adding that if all went well we [UK] would consider the possibility of resolving economic problems, including Sudan’s debts.