Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

FVP Reiterates Commitment of the Government to Implement the Reform Programme in all Fields

Khartoum - First Vice President First Lt. General Bakri Hassan Saleh, who heads the higher committee for the programme of reform of the institutions

of the government, has reiterated the commitment of the government to implement the reform program in all political, economic and services fields.
The First Vice President was addressing a training session for the leaderships of the reform committees in the various states of the country, organized by Federal Government Chamber in collaboration with the Council of Ministers.
The First Vice President explained that the programme of reform emanated from the address made by the President of the Republic in 2014 to rearrange the situations following the separation of the south, the developments at the international and regional levels, especially concerning what is known as the Arab Spring, the international transformations that resulted from the oil prices crisis and the instability witnessed in the African continent besides other developments, noting that all these factors necessitated the reorganization process.
He affirmed that the reform programme is a continuous process, involving formation of mechanisms, setting timetables, following up and reports besides making field visits in a view to realizing its aspired objectives.
Saleh stressed that implementation of the reform programme is spearheaded by the civil service, calling for its restoration to its previous level of performance, saying that Sudan has a pioneering and historical role in this field.
He indicated that the recent economic measures were part of the recommendations of the National Dialogue that call for supporting the productive sectors, reconsidering the differences in the rates of the national currency in the official and parallel markets besides lifting subsidies from some commodities, pointing out that the National Dialogue Document has expressed the opinion of the Sudanese people.
The First Vice President urged the senior officials of the governments of the states to spare no efforts to achieve the requirements of the reform of the institutions of the state in a way that realizes development and provision of services to the citizens.
The Minister of Federal Government Chamber, Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, on his part, has said work is going on for implementation of the reform program of the institutions of the state through organization of workshops and training sessions in a way that reflects on the levels of government and lead to good governance.
The Minister added that mobilization of resources and provision of services to the citizens was among the objectives of the reform program, noting that reform is a major vehicle for realization of development and provision of services.