Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

JEM Captives Decide to Sue S. Sudan Government

Khartoum - A number of Justice and Equality Movement’s leading figures who were previously held captives by Gibreel group in South Sudan state

has demanded the legal agenices to acivate a legal file to litigate Juba government which has allowed the arrest of Sudanese citizens inside its territories,  while it criticized the international community which has turned a blind eye towards this incident.
A returnee leading figure Mohamed Ali Mohamedein has affirmed in a press conference which he held at the Sudanese Media Center (SMC) has affirmed their sticking to  upholding their legal right through filing criminal suits against south Sudan and the group of Gibreel  which has attacked the leaders of peace and killed its commander Mohamed Bishr and  captivated the rest in the incident of Bameina three years ago, describing Gibreel movement as a criminal group that  committed inhumanacts acts against its affiliates  and the peoples of the neighboring countries after becoming a mercenary ?movement
For his part Ali alwafi said that there are many reasons for exiting the Justice & Equality movement top of which their procrastination in joining peacec and their joing of the revolutionary front as mercinary in south Sudan and proxy war in the neighborhood countries stressing that the law must take its course in litigating justice & equality movement over the attrocities they have committed against the captives of the Sudanese Justice Equalty Movement
For his part Adil Mahjoub Tayara has lashed on the intenational community which did nothing twards the massacre of Bameina but it completed turned a blind eye to the incident.