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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Refugees Commission for Sudan Calls for Help from West Yorkshire

(Pulse 1) - The Head of the Refugees Commission for Sudan has been in West Yorkshire to discuss how charities here can return to working in the country

Hamad Al Jazouli has met with senior staff members of several Islamic charities who form the Muslim Charities Forum. He's hoping to encourage them to direct some of their efforts to helping people living in poverty in Sudan.
Many people in Sudan are living in camps or temporary accommodation. There is very little food available in refugee camps and no livestock, land to grow crops on or money for people to buy food.
Bradford-based Charity Right is one of the few charities working within the country regularly. In 2016, the organisation has provided regular school meals to children and food to vulnerable families.
Charity Right, a UK based non-governmental organisation working to improve lives by relieving food poverty, also work in Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. The organisation works on the basis that relieving food insecurity for forgotten communities helps them to reach their full potential.
Sajad Mahmood, CEO of Charity Right, said: "There is a lot going on in terms of crisis at the moment. Across the world there are millions of refugees and internally displaced persons fleeing conflict. We're urging people not to forget about Sudan.
"Children struggle to make it to school, either through hunger or because they have to work for their families, so we're potentially building a generation of individuals without an education. Providing school meals encourages parents to send their children to school, which solves this problem.
"We hope that other UK based charities will join us in our mission to end food insecurity in Sudan."