Current Date:

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Bilal: Constitutional Amendments Significant Response to Those Dubious on Dialogue

Khartoum-Member of Committee of Following implementation of dialogue recommendations Ahmed Bilal, the leading figure of the Democratic Unionist Party said that start of constitutional amendments is a significant response to those dubious over implementation of dialogue outcomes. He said that the President’s launching and sponsoring of the dialogue is reminiscent of the struggles of independence generation
Bilal denied as untrue while addressing the political forum organized by the High Committee for Celebration of 61st anniversary of Independence in Khartoum state Sunday that the National Congress Party has imposed its will on others throughout the dialogue sessions.
In a related development the President of Umma Party reform and development wing Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim has pledged they will not let Sudan become Syria, Yemen and Iraq stressing that they will preserve the homeland whatever the conditions may be.
He elaborated that the power will be transferred only through elections  announcing that they will stand up against  rumors and sedition  mongers on social media
Leading Figure of  the Democratic Unionist Party the origin Ahmed Saad Omer has disclosed that some constitutional amendments were passed on Sunday announcing that they will be presented to the parliament in a couple of days for discussing them.