Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Al Fattih Erwa Named International Commissioner for Advocating UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Khartoum - The Regional Social Responsibility Network has honored Chief Executive Officer of Zain-Sudan Telecommunication Company Lt. Gen. (pilot) Al Fattih Erwa by

conferring on him the international merit award for sustainable development and naming him as international commissioner for advocating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030.
This came at the opening session of Oman International Social Responsibility Conference, which was held in Salalah town, the Sutanate of Oman, with the participation of many officials responsible of corporate social responsibility in Arab countries and a number of senior Omani officials.
The Regional Social Responsibility Network noted that Lt. Gen. Erwa has been honored for his many initiatives and achievements in the sphere of social responsibility of Zain Telecommunication Company as well as for his vast and diversified experiences, wide relations and clear vision.
In his address to the conference, Erwa expressed thanks to the officials of the Regional Social Responsibility Network and the organizers of the conference for the confidence they bestowed on him, affirming that the honoring poses an extra responsibility upon Zain Company for continuing its service to the Sudanese community.
Lt. Gen. Erwa reviewed in his address parts of the initiatives and projects of Zain company in Sudan as part of the axes of its social responsibility strategy, especially in the fields of education, health, environment and capacity building, stressing that the responsibility of Zain towards the society strarts by providing the best telecommunication services and running all its bussiness in full transparancy and honesty away from corruption, referring to the sustainablity report which is issued by Zain group annually.
The Chief Executive Officer of Zain affirmed that the company would focus on the initiatives and projects that serve both the community and the specialization of Zain in the fields of telecommunication and information.
The conference also witnessed honoring of Chairman of the Council of Trustees of Islamic Dawa Organization Field Marshal Abdelrahman Swaraddahab and Minister of Social Welfare of Khartoum State Dr. Amal Al Beeli among eigh honored persons from Arab countries.
It is to be recalled that the Regional Social Responsibility Network was established in Bahrain ten years ago. It selected last year Field Marshal Swaraddahb and Lt.Gen. Erwa as International Ambassadors for Social Reponsibility.