Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Parliament Threatens to Question CBOS Governor

Khartoum - The Sudanese Parliament has threatened to question the Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan for not honoring his commitments of raising the capital of the Sudanese Saving and Development Bank inconformity with the directives issued by the parliament and the Presidency.
A meeting by the Ministry of Welfare and the Social Affairs committee has disclosed a comprehensive program of social security.
The Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, has held a joint meeting chaired by the Minister Mashair Ed Dawalab, the Ministry’s senior officials and the chairperson of the social affairs committee at the Parliament Mohamed Ahmed Al Shayeb during which they reviewed a totality of guidelines that pushes forward the social work through evaluating performance and the features of the new year plan 2017.
The Ministry of Welfare and Social Security has announced a comprehensive program of social security for combating poverty and going ahead with support of the vulnerable families as well as simplifying procedures for micro-financing for the targeted segments along with shifting the needy from the poverty circle to the production circle and seeking means for establishing social security commission.
The meeting further called for need of creating real partnerships with the civil society organizations and backing up children, women and family issues  along with addressing adverse phenomena and enhancing the role of social liability in boosting national conduct.