Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Sudan National Dialogue Body Adjourns Meeting until Monday

(smc) The Supreme Mechanism to follow up on national dialogue in Sudan has postponed its meetings scheduled to be held yesterday. It will now take place next Monday, at which time its future programme will be on the agenda.
Senior political sources in the opposition People’s Congress Party told Quds Press that some differences still exist on issues related to public freedoms which should be amended in the constitution before the committee resumes its meetings. According to the anonymous sources, the issues under discussion include freedoms, the security services and negotiations, as well as the judiciary and the Constitutional Court.
“There are positive signs to extending the parliament for another three weeks,” they said, “which means that there is a will to introduce the remainder of the amendments.”
The Deputy Head of the National Congress Party, Ibrahim Mahmoud, said in comments reported by Sudan News Agency on Tuesday that the mechanism meeting will discuss the inclusion of forces which participated in the dialogue in the legislative institutions. They will look at the mechanics of the new constitution in preparation for arrangements to discuss participation in the government of national reconciliation.
Mahmoud pointed out that the agenda of the Supreme Mechanism is related to the enforcement of the dialogue outcomes, and determining the shares and numbers of participants from political forces in the next government’s institutions.