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Monday, 23 October 2017

FVP Honors Sudatel as Pioneering Company in the Field of Social Responsibility

Gedarif –The 6th National Conference of Social Responsibility opened session at Gedarif State Saturday in the presence of First Vice President Bakri Hassan Saleh, Governor of

Gedarif State Mirghani Saleh and a number of executive and legislative leaderships in the country.
The First Vice President, addressing the inaugural session of the conference, which is held under the slogan of (Directing the Social Responsibility Towards Serving the Goals of Social Development), reviewed the efforts of the government for boosting the partnerships among the various organizations of the society and its institutions for serving the citizens and the homeland.
He reiterated the keenness of the government to direct the social development projects towards meeting the needs of the citizens in the fields of education, health and water, expressing thanks and appreciation to Sudani Company and the other companies for their big role in boosting the economic and social development in the country.
Governor of Gedarif State Mirghani Saleh, on his part, pointed out that the activities of the conference constitute a quality shift for supporting the social development in the state, noting that a wide step for solving the problem of water shortage in Gedarif state has been made thanks to many community partnerships.
The Governor noted that the first quarter of the current year will witness resolving the water problem in the state by more than 85%, expressing thanks and gratitude for the big role that is assumed by the national companies in the fields of social responsibility, top of them Sudatel.
State Minister for Social Welfare Ibrahim Adam, on his part, hailed the efforts of the national companies in the field of social responsibility, affirming that the recommendations of the conference will be translated into action for serving the citizens in the fields of water, health and education services.
The Chief Executive Officer and Director General of Sudatel Group, Engineer Tariq Hamza Zainalabdin, in his address, pointed out that the experience of Sudatel in the field of social responsibility represents a story of success that has been in effect for two decades, affirming that they are motivated in implementing the  big social responsibility projects by authentic vision derived for the noble values of Sharia that call for takaful (social solidarity) among the people as well as it is a national responsibility towards the homeland and its people.
He, further, enumerated the projects that were implemented by Sudatel and Sudani in the field of social responsibility in the previous year that addressed the various categories of the community, lauding the efforts of the ministry in this connection, and expressing thanks to the President of the Republic and his two deputies and the many ministries that contributed to the success of the initiatives of the group.
Other speakers representing a number of related institutions also addressed the conference, lauding the role of the national operator, Sudatel, which is considered as the pioneer of social responsibility in the country.
At the conclusion, the State Minister for Social Welfare announced honoring of Sudani as the first winner in the axis of social responsibility in the telecommunication sector for the previous year. The First Vice President presented the certificate of the honoring, which is signed by His Excellency the President of the Republic, in recognition of the role of Sudatel and Sudani in serving the country in the field of social work.