Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

British Undersecretary Visits Sudan

Khartoum-The British permanent undersecretary of state for Foreign affairs Simon McDonald  will pay 3-day visit to Sudan starting tomorrow, to discuss issues related to

bilateral relations.
The British official will be accompanied by the general secretary of the ministry of international cooperation and other senior British officials.
Sudan welcomed the visit, the spokesperson of Sudan foreign affairs Gariballah Al- Khidir stated to media yesterday that the British official and his Sudanese counterpart will hold talks tomorrow at the premise of the ministry
“The two diplomats view the feasibility of boosting relations and to coordinate on issues lined to international and regional arena alongside peace development in Sudan” said Gariballah.
The British undersecretary is scheduled to meet the ministers of foreign affairs, investment and international cooperation.
“The delegation is going to visit South Darfur state and to discuss with the governor issues related to development projects implemented by Britain.
“The visit is one of the outcomes of strategic dialogue between the two countries which aimed at enhancing coordination, cooperation and good understand to issues of common concern” concluded the spokesperson.