Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Petroleum Geology Resources of Sudan is Reference to Oil Scientific Research

Khartoum – Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Dr. Mohamed Zaid  Awad stated to Sudan Vision that  the book titled Petroleum Geology Resources of the Sudan, which was

  inaugurated yesterday at the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas is considered as a reference for Oil and Gas in Sudan, and also for the benefit of researchers, employers  and students in the field of oil. He said that the book title tells its contents, adding that the aim the book will be as a promotion to investment in Sudan. It depended on real data and oil information, and committed to accuracy and creditability. The information collected and the maps used covered all parts of Sudan.  
The Minister explained that 49 experts participated in editing of the book, pointing out that 44 out of them are Sudanese and five of other nationalities, including Britain, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  In regard to the data, the scientific papers and the reference books used as information are documented on CDs to as a base for electronic library for researchers and employers in oil sector in Sudan, and also for those who want to invest in oil industry in Sudan.
He added there are 2000 copies of the book were published for the benefit of all who are concerned with oil and university students.