Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Central Darfur Government to Prevent the Movement of Unlicensed Vehicles

Khartoum - Central Darfur government decided to ban unlicensed cars over the next few days.
Governor of the state, Jaafar Abdel-Hakam said that most of the crimes are performed by unlicensed cars, noting that the next few days will witness tough measures to curb crime.
  The governor directed to strengthen the security services capabilities in Azoam Locality to enable them to secure the locality, referring to the security problems suffered by the locality in the past and that it needs efforts and greater community cohesion and cooperation and exchange of roles between the locality and the state for reconstruction, stability and prosperity.
He directed microfinance institution and Saving Bank to establish agricultural, commercial and pastoral associations to improve the citizens' level of income there, besides reduction of poverty, pledging to support the project to rebuild schools, health services and facilities, adding to continue his government's cooperation with organizations to ensure continuity of service for the benefit of the locality residents.
 The governor inaugurated the projects supported by the Qatar Red Crescent and Qatar Charity Foundation and the Al Maktoum Charity Organization, and Solidarity charity organization.