Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

FVP Inaugurates Khartoum-Medani Petroleum Pipeline Action Plan Calls for Increase of Production

Khartoum - First Vice President of the Republic 1st Lt. Gen. Staff Bakri Hassan Salih has inaugurated Khartoum-Medani pipeline action plan and laid foundation stone at

Khartoum Refinery yesterday amid a massive rally and big presence of Ministers and state Ministers from the different Ministries and institutions related to petroelum.
Bakri stressed while addressing the ceremony the need of speeding and increase the general petroleum production rate from the part of the Ministry of Petroelum and the relevant organizations up to 6.8 thousand barrels in the current year of 2017.
He said the start of work in this pipe line is comprised in the five-year-program that comes under the motto “Production for Export and Improvement of Citizens’ Livelihood”.
He added that “this pipeline transport petroelum material to a distance of 220 kilometer  to the states of Gezira, Sennar, White Nile which are considered states of agricultural production and animal production industrialization .
He elaborated that this important strategic project provides all that required by the economic programand will resolve petroleum crisis.
For his part the Minister of Oil and Gas Mohamed Zayed Awad has affirmed that the project of Khartoum-Medani petroleum pipeline is one of the crucial strategic projects and a basic infrastructure of petroleum industry stressing that it is a part of the state strategic plan 2017-2020 and it has environmental, economic and health dimensions.
He said the project is part of the strategic plan sponsored by the President of the Republic stressing that the project was accomplished by sheer Sudanese manpower noting that peroleum sector is Sudanized at a percentage of 95%. and the project is an evedence of this fact