Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Umma Parties Announce readiness to Discuss the National Accord Government

Khartoum – Umma parties affirmed its readiness to participate in the upcoming government considering that it will be a caretaker cabinet to implement the outcomes of the national dialogue and prepare for the upcoming election besides permanent constitution-making.
Head of the United Umma Party, Babikir Ahmed Digna said that they are ready to participate in the upcoming government, pointing out that they did not form any committees to consult with the NCP over the issue.
He pointed out that the upcoming stage is considered a reform and service era, calling on the armed groups and holdouts to join the process to achieve stability in the country.
For his part, Head of Umma National party, Eng. Abdallah Masar said that they support the trend of engaging the national dialogue participating parties in the new government, adding that they were part of the National Dialogue process.
Federal Umma Party leading figure, Ishaq Adam Jama’a said that the upcoming government will be a programme cabinet to implement to outcomes of the national dialogue, prepare for the elections and drafting a permanent constitution.