Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Khartoum State Legislative Council Approves Health Map of the State

Khartoum- the Legislative Council of Khartoum State approved the health map of the state for 2017-2020, presented by Minister of Health of Khartoum State Prof. Mamoun Homaida.
The minister pointed out that the health map is concerned with the distribution of health service institutions geographically in accordance with the needs of the population, saying that one of the major characteristics of the map is that it includes a distinguished health strategy for reforming the health sector.
He noted that the strategy includes expanding the health insurance, developing the system of work of the health departments besides application of the quality control systems in the health care institutions.
The Minister reviewed aspects of the health map as regard the comprehensive primary health care services coverage, noting that some 23 new health centers are ready for inauguration during the current year besides a number of new hospitals currently under construction at Gabra and Taif quarters at Khartoum Locality and a university hospital at Jabel Aulia Locality. There are also other hospital projects currently under study At Omdurman, Khartoum North and Ombudda Localities.