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Monday, 23 October 2017

Al Bashir Hails Practitioners of Medical and Health Professions

Khartoum - President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has lauded the practitioners of medical and health professions, saying that they are a safety valve for the

peace and unity of Sudan.
President Al Bashir, addressing the fourth oath taking ceremony for 20000 practitioners of medical and health professions at Khartoum Stadium Tuesday, noted that continuation of providing hospitals and health institutions with these cadres is one of the aspects of the real independence of the country.
He affirmed that the outcome of the National Dialogue has stressed the importance of developing the medical and health professions and the services rendered to the citizens.
The oath taking ceremony was attended by a number of ministers and senior government officials and ambassadors accredited to Sudan.
Al Bashir praised the role of these medical and health cadres in providing services in all parts of the Sudan and their commitment to the ethics of the profession, which emanate from the moral values of the Sudanese people.
He said before the coming of the Salvation Revolution the Sudanese universities used to graduate the medical and health profession students with a diploma degree, but they are now awarded a bachelor degree from well-established scientific faculties thanks to the Higher Education Revolution.
The President pointed out that Sudan has now many faculties for the specializations of medical laboratories, nursing, therapeutic feeding, physiotherapy and medical anesthesia.
He hailed the National Council for Medical and Health Professions, lauding its development and supervisory role.