Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

W. Kordofan Governor: School Tournament Events See Strong Competition among States

Kosti-White Nile state Governor Abdulhamid Musa Kasha has affirmed his government attention to all messions and setting up the atmosphere for reflecting their cultural, sports and social events in a perfect manner
Kasha said upon inspecting accompanied by the President of the Legislative Assembly the conditions of student missions of Khartoum, Gezira, West Kordofan State and reassured on accommodation and catering, we seek to provide good environment for the students to compete in a good maner and present miscelaneous programs and particpations from all over the state and show the talents for which the school tournament is held.
West Kordofan State Governor Amir Abulgasim Baraka has hailed the role of the White Nile state Government in organizing the events of the school tournament.
Meanwhile, the  contests continued successively between the states yesterday, whereby the state of west Kordofan  was victorious on handball and lost in volley ball on the team of the state of east Darfur and Gedarif state have won against North Kurdufan state  while the competions continues between the rest of the state in Kassala, Tendelti and Gezira Aba.