Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Kassala Governor Emphasizes the Role of Smuggling and Human Trafficking Court

Khartoum - Governor of Kassala, Adam Jamaa Adam stressed the importance and necessity of the court of trafficking and human trafficking crimes.
During his meeting with the state police director and head of the legal department and the prosecutor for human trafficking crimes, the governor said that these crimes are contrary to all norms and traditions of humanity, praising the efforts of the security authorities for its substantial role and achievements in thwarting a number of attempts to smuggle humans and liberalization of a number of hostages.
He called for continuity of cooperation to achieve security in the state and to address the said phenomenon, which has become of a global and regional dimension.
Kassala state police chief, Maj. Gen. Yahya Al-Hadi Suleiman said that the verdicts of the court intended to deter offenders and a warning to others, stressing the continuity of cooperation between all the components of the state security committee for further achievements and address all forms of security threats to the state.