Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

NCP: Formation of the New Government after the Appointment of the Premier

Khartoum – (smc) National Congress Party (NCP) has affirmed that appointing the premier will be before the announcement of the national accord government which is expected to be formed in the few coming days, denying the rumours on the nomination of the prime minister, adding that the party didn’t discuss the issue.
Deputy head of the NCP Political Sector, Dr. Abdul Malik Al-Berair told (SMC) that there are clear standards in holding the posts on top of which is the high qualification, calling on political parties to commit to the required standards, affirming that the nomination will be based on the commitment towards implementing the national dialogue outcomes according the matrix agreed on with the political forces.
Al-Berair denied any understanding on power-share, reiterating the commitment to implement the national dialogue outcomes considering that it will lay the foundation of a new stage of security, stability and peace in Sudan.