Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Hamdi: Sudan Realizes US Administration Efforts to Achieve Peace in the Two Areas

Khartoum - The Sudanese government has reiterated its commitment to the declared ceasefire despite the violations being committed by the SPLM-North of killings and

looting, describing the acts of the SPLM-North as an attempt to drag the government to war.
Member of the government negotiating delegation Dr. Hussein Hamdi, speaking in a programme of Omdurman Radio yesterday, said despite commitment of the government to the ceasefire its priority will remain to be protection of the citizens and their properties and has the right to practice its constitutional and ethical right, saying this is a legitimate right.
Hamdi affirmed that the stance of the government on the humanitarian dossier is clear and committed to laws and regulations organizing this work. He pointed out that there is no disagreement on the source of the humanitarian aid, but, he stressed that the passage of this aid should be committed to the organizing laws and that it should pass through the stations that organize the aid.
He said the African Union High-level Implementation Panel, which is led by Thabo Mbeki, is exerting efforts to determine date and venue for the next session of negotiations, referring to the unconditional approval of the government for holding the session of negotiations at any time and in any place. He pointed out that there is agreement with the SPLM-North exceeding 90% over the political, security and humanitarian axes.
Hamdi went on to say that the differences are only on the humanitarian aid issue. He stressed that there is a consensus between the government stance and that of the international community on the humanitarian aid issue supported by the organizing international laws and regulations in this regard. The stance of the SPLM-North is still far away from the stances of the government and the international community, he added.
Hamdi said a number of international institutions presented proposals to end the differences which are considered by the government as rational and cope with the international laws.
On the effects of the lifting of the economic sanctions that had been imposed on Sudan on the negotiations process, Hamdi said the American Administration and its institutions are exerting efforts to assist the parties to realize peace in the two areas and other areas. He noted that lifting the sanctions had a positive reflection on the Sudanese people and on the official and popular levels. But, he noted, the SPLM-North has remained unconcerned with this American decision and has continued its obstinacy.
Hamdi called on the SPLM-North to resort to wisdom and give priority to the interests of the citizens. He said that SPLM-North fights to realize special agenda and it should reconsider its position.
He affirmed that any positive stance from the government of South Sudan will affect the progress of the coming negotiations as the SPLM-North is linked logistically and organizationally with Juba government. He called on the Government of South Sudan to take a stance towards the armed movements which are still present in the territories of South Sudan.