Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

4000 SLM (Abdulwahid) Breakaway Troops Join Peace

Khartoum - President of Sudan Liberation Movement, General Command, Abu Jamal Khalil Bakr, dissident of Abdul Wahid movement, vowed to engage his forces of four thousand, currently in Central Darfur (Jebel Marra), to the peace process.
Bakr group had signed peace agreement on the fourth of November last year with Central Darfur government.
Bakr urged all commanders under his leadership to leave the fighting and join the peace, noting that the people of Jebel Marra have suffered from the effects of the war in Darfur, and in dire need of peace, stability and development.
He called on the government to speed up the integration of the remaining forces of the movement in the security arrangements, stressing that the national dialogue is the only way to agree on solutions to the crisis in Darfur.