Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Council of Darfur Peace Movements Hails President’s Pardon

Khartoum :The Council of Darfur Peace Movements has hailed President of the Republic decision of dropping the penality of those sentenced to death from the affiliates of armed movements, and the general amnesty for them and cosidered it a successful setp adding “now we are expereincing the outcomes of the national dialogue”.
The official spokesperson of the Council of Darfur Peace Movements Adam Awads Ahmed has affirmed their commitment to the criteria of the High Committee for Following up the Outcomes of the National Dialogue noting that the particiant armed movements bloc in the national dialogue has a declared stance in this regard.
Adam has renewed in a statement to Sudan News Agency the need for representing the Armed Movements in the High committee For Following National dialogue outcomes stressing the need for speeding up of set up the prospected national consensus government renewing his call for the holdout movements to catch up and come aboard the national dialogue so that Sudanese people may enjoy peace and stability.