Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Assistance Convoys from Juba for Supporting SPLM-N Camps in Ida and Maban

Khartoum - Local southern citizens have attacked a convoy loaded with food stuffs which was heading for Ida refugees camp.

Eyes witnesses said the convoy has passed by villages of southern citizens who are seeking releif and advanced to enter a camp of the Revolutionary Front. According to Atir Garwit, the prominent native leader in the region, the convoy is carrying 220 sacks of Dura as a support extnded by Juba to a camp of rebels of the revolutionary front noting that another convoy loaded with 170 sacks of Dura has headed to Maban region for the supporting the other elements who are affilated to the SPLM-N in the Blue Nile.
Garweit affirmed that there a wide spread anger among the ranks of the southerners who the releif materials pass across their regions to different “counties”  a matter that prompted south Sudan government to tighten militay guarding of these releif items.
It noteworthy that Juba the capital city of South Sudan has yesterday received a convoy of humnitarian assistances convoys loaded with 15 tons of food stuffs, medicines, mediacal materials launched by the Arab and African Youths Council  with a delegation led State Minister of Health Sumeiya Akad.