Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

NADC Supports Sudan and Saudi Arabia Food Security Implementation Initiative

Khartoum - Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Ibrahim Al Dikheiri has hailed the agricultral and animal cooperation between Sudan and Saudi Arabia, lauding the efforts

of the Saudi National Agricultural Development Company (NADC) that supports the initiaves of the leaderships of the two countries towards realizing food security at the Arab world.
Al Dikheiri praised, while addressing NADEC celebration of wheat cultivation festivals in north Kurdufan at Al Ndraba region, the efforts of NADC for its benefiting from agricultural technology, and employing it in the field of agriculture, noting that productivity of one acre of wheat is estimated at 28 sacks, stressing the importantnce of intergating capital with the natural resources.
For his part state Minister at the Ministry of Invetsment Osama Faisal has disclosed that the Saudi investments are in consistency with President of the Republic’s intiative of food security which has now come into force and programs were set up for it, expressing hope that efforts would be integrated, a matter that will be of benefit and good to the people of Sudan in general and Kurdufan region in particular.
In a related development engineer Al Nour Awadlakarim, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Resources and Rural Development in North Kurdufan has praised the experiment of NADC for the production of wheat as it is an issue of multiple dimensions  that require and integrate vision for realizing the overall targets of food security and combating poverty.