Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Sudan to Participate in First Session of African Economic Forum

Khartoum: Sudan is to particpate in First Session of African Economic Forum which is to convene in Mauritius during the period from 22-30 of the current month of March

with a high-level delegation to be led by Badr Al Din Mahmoud Abass the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning representing the President of the Republic who assigned him to participate on behalf of him
The first session of the forum will convene –organized by the African Union in coordination with the State of Mauritius with the participation of a number of African Presidents.
The forum is to discuss setting the African continent to adopting the agenda of development of the year 2063 and the structural transformation of the continent economies in the axes of industrialization in Africa and inter-country trade, developing skills and the traffic of goods and citizens.
The participant Sudan’s delegation comprises the Ministries of: Finance, Foreign Affairs, Industry and Strategic Planning, along with the representatives of the private sector like the Employers Union and the free markets.