Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

World Bank Regional Director: Arrangements for Roundtable Meeting on Sudan’s Debts

Khartoum - The World Bank has announced enlisting Sudan with the countries qualified for obtaining funding for basic level education a matter which assist Sudan in obtaing financing for infrastructures of the basic leve schools, establishing schools and obtaining foreign aid.
Minister of Finance & Economic Planning Badr Al Din Mahmoud has affirmed,  while meeting with the World Bank Regional Director for Sudan ,  South Sudan and Ethiopia at Khartoum airport , the importance of the World Bank role to assist Sudan to be reintegrated with the international community and the international economy as well as restoring its banking, economic and foreign trade relations.
He highlighted the positive developments in the Sudanese political , the  economic and social arena ands Sudans role in realizing stability to the region , combating terrorism and illegal migration pointing to Sudan’s hosting refugees from the neigborhood countries particularly South Sudan refugees.
The Minister of Finance has called on the World Bank and the International community to extend to Sudan the required financial support to cover the spending on refugees whose number has exceeded eversince the eruption of war in south Sudan 3.5 million refugees.
He also demanded the Bank to extend technical support to Sudan in the diffent developmental spheres and the productive sectors particularly the agricultural and animal sectors and the field of electricty production along with supporting services sectors like health , education and providing potable water to the citizens,
For her part Caroline The Regional Manager of the World Bank has disclosed that arrangements are underway for holding a rountable meeting on Sudan’s foreign debts in conformity with the demand of the Ministry of Finance in which the representatives of the creditor countries are to participate  and the international organizations adding that the Bank is ready to extend technical support to Sudan and finance.