Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Nuba Leading Figures Affirms Rejection SPLM-N Leaders who Failed to Reach Peace

Khartoum - It was apparent that Sudan’s People Liberation Movement (SPLM) is in its weakest conditions following the confusion and diffrences which ripped the ranks of SPLM North Sector in  the aftermath of the announcement of the resignation of he deputy president of the SPLM for differences with the command.
Sources has disclosed that  a number of Nuba citizens and military commanders have trended to announcing a separate entity for leading the file of negotiation with the Sudanese government for ending the war
The source affirmed that Al Hilu resignation confirms that the three commandments of the SPLM are in their weakest conditions.
The source told Sudan Vision that the cause of Al Hilu resignation is failing to reach an agreement between Al Hilu, Agar and Yassir stressing that the three of them are not desiring realization of sustainable peace in the region.
The source affirmed that there is an external agenda aiming to prolong the war in the Nuba Mountains noting that SPLM attempted to exploit the ceasefire which was announced by the President of the Republic with the aim of disorientation stressing that there a number of Nuba Mountains people capable of leading negotiation with the government