Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Al Fajr Foundation to Implement Doka Basic School

Khartoum- The Minister of Education of Gadarif State and the Commissioner of Galabat Locality have laid the foundation stone for Hai Suakin Basic Stage Coeducation School at Doka town, which is composed of eight classrooms and is to be implemented by Al Fajr Charity Foundation.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Fajr Foundation Bakri Mahamed Abdallah said the occasion was attended by the education officials at the locality, notables of the area and the citizens, affirming that the foundation will spare no efforts for the construction of this important educational institution in the shortest possible time.
He referred to the efforts being exerted by the foundation in the fields of the educational, health and dawa institutions and sponsoring of the orphans in a number of states of the Sudan.