Current Date:

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Al Bashir Calls for Promotion of Moderate Islam

Khartoum -- President Al Bashir has issued directives for establishment of special training center for the promoting of moderate Islamic rhetoric and teaching to ensure public

peace and harmony.
The President called upon clerks and preachers of the teaching of holy Islam to purse the course of moderation in their speeches and address to shun religious-based violence and promote public peace.
While addressing a conference of mosques organized by the Supreme Council for Daawa and Guidance, Al Bashir called for reenergizing  the role of religious leaders in support of the national and communal dialogue in aid of stability and development across the board. 
For his part, Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, the Governor of Khartoum, expressed his appreciations for spiritual role by the Islamic leaders nationwide, a role he considered as "key to inculcating moderate thinking" in the country.
During the conference, Sudanese Islamic scholars have submitted a code of ethics to the President, in which they pledged to pursue the course moderate Islam.