Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Finance Minister Expects Decision of Lifting Economic Sanctions from Sudan to Increase Financial Cooperation

Khartoum-Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Badr Al Din Mahmoud has called for laying down radical tackling for the crisis facing the Arab region as well as working

towards enhancing the capacities of the financial institutions as well as increasing the efficiency of the Arab authorities
He affirmed while chairing the inaugural session of the annual joint meetings of the Arab authorities and financial institutions which kicked off yesterday in Rabat, the Kingdom of Morocco the importance of Arab cooperation and coordination to the encounter the repercussions of the international economic developments and their reflections on the Arab economies
He expected the decisions of lifting the economic sanctions from Sudan to contribute to increasing the economic and financial cooperation between Sudan and the countries of the region
He highlighted the need of intensifying economic cooperation between the Arab countries and activating partnerships  between the public and  the private sectors
The Minister has further has described the meetings as an important opportunity for consultation and discussions between the Ministers of Finance and Economy and the Arab  Governors of the Central Banks and the presidents of the Arab financial institution to come up with a common visions for developing  the  Arab economic financial performance  with the aim of reaching the aspired for objectives of boosting the joint Arab cooperation in different spheres particularly the spheres of managing crises and tackling their repercussions  as well as removing the obstacles that obstruct the realization of sustainable development.