Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Parliament Endorses Constitutional Amendments at General Features Stage

Khartoum - National Assembly approved the report of the emergency committee of constitutional amendments in the stage of general features, second reading, by majority.

The committee's chairperson Badriya Suleiman stressed that the committee had made preliminary observations on the proposal for amendments, where it explained that the amendments did not appear in the usual legal form for the submission of the draft constitutional amendments, nor were they accompanied by an explanatory memorandum explaining the justification.
She said that, according to the report, the proposed amendments were formulated in an unusual language in the constitutional and legal formulation that is difficult for citizen to understand, which makes them address only those with a high culture of Arabic.
"The proposed amendment in Amendment No. 13 is contrary to the decisions of the national dialogue, except for the election of governors in the elections of 2020," Badriya said.
On the other hand, a number of MPs called for strengthening the role of the security service to carry out its role entrusted to it in the next stage with its international and regional partners, in reference to Article 151 of the proposed amendments, stressing the implementation of the amendments to become a reality touched by citizens.