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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Ghandour Receives Bilateral Affairs Director General of Cuban Foreign Ministry

Khartoum – (Muawad Mustafa- Neimat alNaiem) Ambassador Gerardo Penalver Portal, Director General for Bilateral Affairs at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated to

Sudan Vision upon his check out at Khartoum International Airport concluding his one-day visit to Sudan on 18th April 2017, that he met with the Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour to convey an oral message from the Cuban Foreign Minister to his Sudanese counterpart lauding the support of Sudan to Cuba in the international forums.
Mr. Portal expressed the aspiration of his country tp push forward the bilateral relations towards cooperation and in particular in public health, education, agriculture and sports.
He expressed his country’s readiness to enter into negotiations on the cooperation programmes and to start its implementation.
For his part, Prof. Ghandour welcomed the Cuban endeavour for offering additional support in various sectors between the two countries.
The Minister revealed Sudan desire to open an embassy in Cuba to develop the relations and to upgrade Sudan’s representation in the Caribbean Sea Region.
According to Mr. Portal, he met also with the head of the external relations in the parliament, NCP head of external relations committee, and the president of the International Popular Friendship Council.
Ambassador Portal gave a brief background about his country, explaining that Cuba has rich experiences in many aspects including agriculture, education, public health and sports. He added that it is a country of central development. He expected some sort of cooperation between Sudan and Cuba in four fields of public health, agriculture, education and sport.
“It is an opportunity to Sudan to benefit from the Cuban experience in these fields,’ he added.
He pointed to Cuba partnerships with UNSECO, and other UN agencies, calling for joint work in the field of exchanging experiences in training, explaining that Cuba has good experience in these areas.
He said he discussed the Sudanese officials on how implement such programs assisting in development. He pointed to the similar youth association and society bodies in Sudan and Cuba, calling for cooperation between the two countries.
Full text of the interview will be published in our upcoming issues.