Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Saudi Arabia: Sudan Endowed with Advantages of Producing Meat

Khartoum - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has affirmed that Sudan is endowed with advantages that enable it to produce and process Halal (licit) meat of all types a matter that makes it in the lead of the countries to be depended on in providing meat to the markets of the Kingdom.
Members of the Royal delegation which is led by his highness Emir Saud Bin Bandar Bin Abdulaziz have ascertained, while meeting Khartoum State Governor and a number of the Ministers of the state, that all the for delivering Halal (licit) meat that Sudan is endowed with advantages top of which is proximity to Saudi Arabia and the natural pastures, vast lands and the experienced workforce that will reduce the cost of production   making the Sudanese of high competitiveness in the markets.
Khartoum state governor has welcomed the sponsorship of his highness Emir Saud Bin Bandar
His highness the Emir has visited the proposed site of the east Nile canal with a length of 167 km to irrigate and area of 170 thousand fedans.