Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Al Bashir Hails Efforts of Rapid Support Forces in Realizing Peace and Stability

Khartoum - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir, the Paramount Leader of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) has hailed the efforts of the Rapid Support

Forces (RSF) in realizing peace and stability in the country, and eliminating insurgency in south Kordofan, citing as example the battles of Funga and Goz Dango in Darfur..
Al Bashir voiced the praise while addressing yesterday the celebration ?of the graduation of the fifth batch of RSF totaling 11428 soldiers at the Green Yard in Khartoum.
Present in the graduation celebrations were the Minister of Defence, 1st Lt. General PSC Awad Ibn Auf, NISS Director, 1st Lt. Gen. (Eng.) Mohamed Atta Al-Mawla Abbas, Chief of the Joint staff Lt. Gen. (Eng.) Imad Al din Mustafa Adawi,and  Police General Manager , 1st Lt. General Hashim Osman Al-Hussein, along with a number of commanders of units and administrations at SAF, Police, RSF, and NISS.
Al Bashir said the graduation of this batch is a show of force to frighten enemies, noting that his best and favorite decsions is the decision of forming the SRF which is the strong muscle of the armed forces.
He said RSF is the one that closed the borders and performed its national duty of fighting human trafficking, drugs and smuggling of arms, affirming the preparedness of the RSF to deal decisively with all those ploting against Sudan.
The President noted that Sudan has done every effort for realizing peace, stressing that agreements were signed , national dialogue conducted, as well as the societal dialogue between the sons of Sudan and the National Accord Government was formed ushering a new era welcoming all those who desirous of peace, noting that Sudan is for all.
Al Bashir warned all those who reject peace that the SAF and RSF are ready to report to the Sudanese people that Sudan is free from insurgency and mercenaries.
Al Bashir gave standing orders to RSF to intervene and settle tribal conflicts.